Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Farewell Jose Rizal

I had a subject RIZAL this semester. Although the class was humdrum I guess I had so much fun learning the life of Jose Protacio Rizal our National Hero. Although there are rumors that Rizal was indeed gay and had a mutual relationship with Blumentrit still I admire him for being a great patriot.

I was reading my Rizal textbook this night when I realized how much Rizal sacrificed his life for the benefit of his country, sounds eerie but yes I had to admit that my emotion goes with it. I guess what I’m saying here is that I adore and want to regard Rizal with my utmost esteem, love, respect and honor.

Tomorrow is the final examination on Rizal I guess I will pass the exam considering I read and understood the entire coverage of the exam. And I surmise that this would be the last night that I’m gonna be reading and studying the life of Jose Rizal. So farewell Jose Rizal. Lolz!

Whew! Finally I’m done with this effin subject. I heard a not so funny joke that the subject Rizal is a prerequisite subject to Bonifacio. Damn.

Special shout outz to my Rizal professor “Madam Elma Cristobal”.

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  1. did they prob that rizal is a gay???